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Our President

Altece Design President
Caroline RamirezPresident
President & Chief Executive Officer for Altece Design since 2018.
My mentors and I have always believed our ultimate goal was to show people the power of design. When doing architectural design, I see people become happier, feeling well-rested. Seeing our client's relief, we can conceptualize an idea than place it beautifully on paper. I created Altece Design for that very reason. We combine our client's vision and culture with our modern twist that involves a meaningful living space that inspires generation after generation. I am humbled. I'm able to do what I love every day.  ”

These are our Core Values :

  • Inspire
  • Satisfaction
  • Complete
  • Beautiful
  • Collaboration
  • Dream

We Keep THings Simple

Facts About Us

Satisfied Clients
Approved Permits
Combined Experience

Our Mission & Vision

By cultivating an environment where every team member is empowered to out of the box approach their work with passion, creativity, and integrity, we can design a memorable, ever-lasting human experience.
Our Mission: For Altece Design collaboratively deliver unforgettable architectural design with innovative technical solutions for multifamily, residential, and commercial.
Our Vision: Help our clients with their dreams by designing the best human experiences.

Our Commitment & Our Process is What Sets Us Apart

As architectural & engineering designers and strategists, we leverage business strategies and core values with the dynamic use of space. We are skilled at tapping the latest innovation and driving change, leveraging technology to keep us ahead of the competition. By exploring new ways to help clients bring their ideas to life, we organize our internal teams strategically to produce work that makes us all eternally proud. It's a commitment to serve our clients and project partners with an approach that sets us apart in the industry.
We believe the power of design makes dreams come true and makes a positive change one client at a time. Read More

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